Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Haiku Story...

I don't know if I'm allowed to (mis)use Haiku to write whatever the heck I want, but who's judging?!?

Hey! Stop judging!

Cigars, highs and everything nice

I see clouds of smoke
Smooth leather, mahogany
A burning finger.

The expensive suits,
Thirteen cars and eight chauffeurs
Money can't buy love

Strawberries & cream
Tender lips and two warm hearts
Just a wistful dream

The scotch is over,
The seconds hand is too loud
I am all alone

The glass has fallen,
The clock has struck it's last hour
Befriending silence.

All written text is copyright of the writer/owner - © Arvind

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Unfortunate Spider

There was once a spider that lived in a porcelain home.
Safe and secure in a big white dome.

Spinning his web, placidly did he sit.
T'was a pity I didn't foresee my emergency visit.

The deed had to be done, but I didn't want him to perish.
The dance of the spider, a futile fight to the finish.

I nervously withheld my breath, was he foe or friend?
I was already grinning, for the ordeal was about to end.

He held on to his ever-strong web, he was going to live today.
And I gulped as I absentmindedly flushed him away.

A sad day for all spiders, an insignificant funeral.
But that's the story of how the spider died in a Public Urinal.

All written text is copyright of the writer/owner - © Arvind

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Sun sinks in the sea
The birds have left the island
Open up, red earth


Two feet on the ground
He follows her soft voice
Taking his first steps


I want to come first
Having to die anyway
Me, the first snowflake


The birds hide in trees
The forest has turned silent
Hunting Season starts


The plants are thirsty
The cat has to hunt for food
An old lady dies


Hands grip the handle
Beads of sweat are trickling down
The train has long gone


Looking through the blue
Silently screaming for help
Wishing I had gills


A blank white paper
The rancid taste of pure ink
There's nothing to write


Two steps and a trip
Seven human fingers
Ten empty shot glasses


Ear muffs, shattered glass
Resisting the urge to boo
It's Karaoke Night


So the themes for most of them are obvious, which is contrary to the Haiku styles I've witnessed where, the harder to figure out WHAT it means, the better it is.
I thought of writing the themes before each piece, but I figured it ruins the effect.

If you can't figure out a particular theme/mood ask me in the comments section.

By the way, this is my first attempt, so what I grasped from the concept of Haiku could leave a lot to be desired.
Please don't let it be my last. (a.k.a be nice)


All written text is copyright of the writer/owner - © Arvind