Sunday, July 12, 2009

That which kills us, makes us stronger

It's appalling,
When I can't help falling,
But I'm not free falling,
I'm tethered to it.

A parasite, a leech,
Within my reach,
And it won't let go,
I don't want it to go anyway,
I haven't suffered this way,
In a long time,
I'm well past my prime.

It kills me everyday,
My vision turns gray.
But I feel stronger,
I need it to last longer.

A passer by walked up to the spot,
And reached out,
"Take my hand, I'll pull you away."
And I said, "Nay!"

I need this, I want to stay here.
It's my everything, the drug that you fear.
I know not where from it came.
But we are one, we are the same.