Monday, August 30, 2010

Unfortunately Male

When today is tomorrow
I will sit forlorn
Enveloped in sorrow
My heart is worn
Out by consistence
How much patience
Did you think I had
When that time we shared
Wore out my mind
I was wistful in woe
I turned my eyes blind
When a friend turned foe
And I swore my allegiance
To shameless pretence
You were spared
When I glared
At the unfair advantage
You claimed your own
I wanted to write a new page
When everything was blown
Out of proportion
And in that distortion
I was confused
And used
I just turned blue
I was a mime
All I really wanted to do
Was turn back time
And make sure we never met
I wouldn't have ever let
Myself do what I did
I would've hid
In plain sight
Under the sun so bright
Because you'd be looking
At yourself in a mirror
While I'd be hooking
Up with another terror
Yes, I'm that sad
And I know you're glad
I'll always land a date
With fate.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Silly girl from yonder
I shall never forget you.
Even though I grew fonder
Of that sweet kiss you blew,
Or your shimmering hair,
Or the scent of your skin.
It wasn't ever fair
I never wanted to win.

You told me it was a game
When it all began.
You told me I was lame,
And then you ran
For the finish line,
Leaving me at the start.
A shiver ran down my spine
We were falling apart.

You obviously had your share
Of cleverly disguised,
Clandestine love affairs.
And even though I despised
Your loathsome face,
I gave way to your soft voice.
In such a scary place,
Did I really have a choice?

But I will ask you one thing.
Before we part,
Could you please bring
Me back my broken heart,
And some super glue.
Yes, it's that thing you've split
Down the middle in two.
If you don't mind, I'd like to reuse it.

And if it's not too much to ask,
While you're up in the air,
Please don't let me bask
In the horrid glare,
Of the sun, so hot.
Just fly away witch.
I'll be rooted to this spot.
I'm gravity's bitch.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Who was he,
Who stole the light,
Who walked away,
In the dead of night.
He braved all odds,
Shook away fear,
Forgotten hero,
We shed you no tear.

It all began
With a story,
A fantasy if you will,
And one of glory.
About the one,
Who defied them all,
Who blocked their path,
And made them stall.

He was a slave,
To normality,
Cursing his every hour,
In the lost city.
He was like you and me,
And he was tired,
Of living dreams,
That had expired.

The frigid fanatical,
Would never live up,
To the hype,
Of his powerful outcry,
A resonant tremolo,
And a mass movement
That turned solo.

And the man who stood
With a flag in hand,
Faced soldiers
With blue ribbands
Studied their guns,
Pointed to his face,
He then vanished,
Without a trace.

Nobody foresaw
A day of reckoning,
And of sorrow.
They came outside,
In throngs,
A massive crowd,
10,000 strong.

They lined the streets,
In rows of ten,
Waiting for the night,
To begin.
And in the mist,
At the helm,
There stood he,
Who would lead them.

With fists clenched,
That none could pry,
He let out,
A cataclysmic cry.
A roar that silenced
The grieving wives,
And the steely glint,
Of sharpened knives.