Sunday, November 30, 2008


I grope in the dark,
Have I gone blind?
I know fully well,
It's all in my mind.

Everybody I know warned me,
There's nobody in this city,
No face old or new,
I succumbed to insanity.

So what am I fighting for?
There is nothing I demand.
The door's locked, from the outside,
Or inside, I don't know where I stand.

Silent bystander, I implore you.
Please tell me, is there something you see?
I am alone in the dark,
All of this makes little sense to me.

The eerie silence of expectation,
Lingers in vast nothingness.
I'm not even sure if I hear,
The heart beating in my chest.

I remember someone once told me,
To lie very still on the cold floor.
I clench my fists and prepare myself,
For whatever lies behind the door.