Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have come to realise in good time
That people in general do suck
We are all outcasts in our own homes
But we don't give a fuck.

We are all abominations under some wicked spell
Grotesque, scarred, from the depths of hell

We sit walled up in an undisclosed mental prison,
Our eyes gouged out, they took away our vision.

Why do we walk this earth, when our end is near
When do we escape to the black sky, clear

Chisels on wood, we are being whittled away
Pacified and mind-numbed, no reason to stay

It's midnight, our voices yell with resonance
Everyone of us will walk the distance

In army formation, a mass of brown
On the long road, out of town

Something solid blocks our path, we stall
It's large object. Solid, metal-like and very tall

I can barely make out the sign in the rain
I think it says 'Please visit again'