Friday, May 23, 2008

The Kiss of Transcendental Bliss

The Sun. A Phenomenon.
A Solitary Ray
My Brave Burning Eyes
Are Watching Lights Astray.

The Prism. Cataclysm.
A Rainbow Disarray
I See Running Colours
And The Residual Grey.

The White Hot. Sun Spot.
I'm Having a Trippy Day
Closing My Eyes In a Trance
Forever Longing To Stay.

Golden Beer. Crystal Clear.
It Makes My Day
Hypocrites, All of You
Get Out of My Way.

Smoke Swirls. And Curls.
My Wispy Thoughts Fray
The Sand Inbetween My Toes
And The Cool Summer Spray.

Sea Breeze. The Palm Trees.
I'm Watching Them Sway
The Footprints In The Sand
Are Getting Washed Away.