Monday, February 18, 2008

Goodnight, Tonight, Goodbye

Goodnight, Tonight, Goodbye

I hear crickets,
The crackling wood,
Clinking glasses,
I don't know if I should.

Unclear intentions,
Loving you more or less,
Il Fantasma Tra Noi,
He haunts my senses.

I laugh at your bad jokes,
In shameless pretense,
Pledging words,
That make no sense.

I know it, but you don't,
As we waltz on the floor,
That I already have,
My foot out the door.

I think I love you,
I should probably try,
But I want out,
And I don't even know why.

I search for the right time,
In between sips of wine,
Words, they spill out,
"My dear Clementine..."

I got what I wanted (I think...),
I even turn down your embrace,
I don't ever want to see,
Your ashen face.

I storm out,
Welcoming the rain with respite.
And silly crayons,
They paint your face white.

I broke your heart tonight,
And I'm acting coy,
Even though I want to scream,
Intoxicated with joy...


- 'Fantasma Tra Noi' is the name of a beautiful song by Lacuna Coil.
In Italian, it means "The Ghost Between Us".
- The title of this post is an excerpt from the lyrics of "Apollo I: The Writing Writer" by Coheed & Cambria.
- This poem is pure fiction. Capiche?

All written text is copyright of the writer/owner - © Arvind