Saturday, December 6, 2008


Near distant future,
Where are you now?
I need some closure,
I need to know how,
The world will end.
Will it be soon or late?
I cannot pretend,
To predict my fate.

An explosion?
An epidemic? A bout?
What is your notion?
What have you got?
If I could just get there,
Only for a minute,
I need to know how I'd fare,
If I was in it.

I'm not furious,
It's all the worry,
That's making me curious,
Why don't you hurry,
And take me where you've been,
I want to have a clue,
If brown will be the new green,
And black, the new blue.

We're here at last,
It's scary, what I see,
Now take me back fast,
They're coming after me,
Muffled, I shout,
Hands tied behind my back,
My eyes gouged out,
I'm having a panic attack.