Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nonsense Poem #1

I find everywhere
Except on my head
Strands of grey hair
Strewn about the bed
That old dilapidated thing
It's got to go out
And in it's place I'll bring
Something roundabout
Because I like to walk
In circles times three
The door I shall lock
And throw away the key
When I finally rest my head
On a tired pillow
I'll be thinking about my bed
About what's below
It could be a strange man
With a banana hammock
And if he's got a plan
I'm shit out of luck
But I wouldn't run far
Even if his eyes be glazed
Because chastity belts are
Quite cheap these days
Wait a second, get me out
Of this homophobic mess
Before I know it, I'll pout
And wear a dress
Go to the prom
Spike the punch
Create a storm
About a hunch
That his ex was a whore
Who gave it away for free
But did all her chores
A good girl she be
She also be wishing
That I didn't know the truth
But I know everything
There is to know about Ruth
"Who's Ruth?" you say?
Well I really wouldn't know
Man, woman, straight or gay
I'm making it up as I go
The fact of the matter is
I don't have a clue
About what I said so far
So toodle-oo!