Monday, August 30, 2010

Unfortunately Male

When today is tomorrow
I will sit forlorn
Enveloped in sorrow
My heart is worn
Out by consistence
How much patience
Did you think I had
When that time we shared
Wore out my mind
I was wistful in woe
I turned my eyes blind
When a friend turned foe
And I swore my allegiance
To shameless pretence
You were spared
When I glared
At the unfair advantage
You claimed your own
I wanted to write a new page
When everything was blown
Out of proportion
And in that distortion
I was confused
And used
I just turned blue
I was a mime
All I really wanted to do
Was turn back time
And make sure we never met
I wouldn't have ever let
Myself do what I did
I would've hid
In plain sight
Under the sun so bright
Because you'd be looking
At yourself in a mirror
While I'd be hooking
Up with another terror
Yes, I'm that sad
And I know you're glad
I'll always land a date
With fate.


farustar said...

beautifullu broken....strange paradoxes you bring alive :)

Da Rodent said...

'a date with fate'.. :P Ye!!