Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Vision

The time has come,
For the shadows to lie in wait,
For me to hold my breath,
To overlook my fate.

I fumble about in the dark,
The day has long passed.
I don't know how long,
This mental eclipse will last.

When the clouds do clear,
I will see the bright white.
Sun spots and bush fires,
Looking at the searing light.

And a distant sound,
A sputtering node,
And I will witness,
My heart implode.

And we will all say goodbye,
To paradise,
To join the flock,
Of eagles in the skies,

Blissfully unaware,
Of our goals,
Our minds,
And our souls.


Divya said...

Simple words strung in simple sentences make such an awesome composition of this. Like :)

farustar said...

i simply love this one

Rambling Man said...

Nice one mate! Especially the last few lines :)